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Broken Dimanche Press
John Holten:The Readymades
John Holten’s remarkably confident debut novel The Readymades uses and abuses a number of literary genres: found texts from the history of...
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John Holten (red.) og Line Madsen Simenstad (red.):The Kakofonie no. 2
Taking as a starting point the idea of the political in contemporary Europe and the lack of a determining political zeitgeist, this issue of...
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Ann Cotten og Kerstin Cmelka:I, Coleoptile
Ihre Gedichte gehören zum Größten, was deutschsprachige Lyrik dieser Tage kann: Ann Cotten Her poems are among the greatest to be...
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John Holten (red.) og Line Madsen Simenstad (red.):You Are Here
Broken Dimanche Press is pleased to launch with the release of a catalogue of intention, a guide book to Europe from a unique point of view. From...
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